Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

20dt TL11 Launch

TL11 Design
Hull: 20dt, cylinder configuration, Streamlined {1.1Mcr.}
Armor: AF6, Crystaliron, (7.5% of Hull volume). {1.5dt, 0.33MCr.}
Total Hull: {1.5dt, 1.43Mcr.}
Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement = 4EP

Bridge & Controls (TL10):
Bridge: {3.0dt, 0.1Mcr.}
     +Rad. Sh., +Holographics (Init.+2) {--dt, 0.05Mcr.}
Military Grade Electronics (DM+0): {2EP, 2.0dt, 4.1Mcr.}
Model/2fib Computer (R10): {0.24Mcr.}
Total Controls: {DM0, Init.+2, 1kRad., R10, 2EP, 5.0dt, 4.79Mcr.

Gravitic M-drive: {TL11, 4G thrust. 8EP, 0.8dt, 1.6Mcr.}
Fusion Power Plant: {TL8, 18EP, 1.8dt, 1Mcr.}
Fuel: 1dt (4 weeks duration)
Fuel Processor: 8dt fuel/day {0.4dt, 0.02Mcr.}
Total Engines & fuel: {10EP avail. 4dt, 2.62Mcr.}

Airlock (TL11): {1.0dt, 0.2Mcr.}

Hardpoint designated: Firmpoint mount. (fixed forward firing)
     Weapon: none

Payload Area: {TL11, 8.5dt}
Typically configured as follows: {8.5dt, 0.28Mcr.}
Acceleration Couch, 6ea., 3dt, 0.18Mcr.
Cabin Space, 2ea. = 3dt, 0.1Mcr.
Cargo =2.5dt (1dt for luggage under passenger deck)

Totals for Launch as configured:
{AF6, H/S=0/1, 4G thrust, DM0, Init.+2, 4EP avail., 20dt, 9.32Mcr.~7.456McrImp.}

7.456McrImp + annual maintenance of 7.456Kcr. (621.34cr./mo.)
Quantity price: 6.711Mcr.


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