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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

10dt Modules, Part 1

10dt Module
All modules have the following:
Hull: 10dt standard Titanium structure H/S=0/1 (10dt, 0.500Mcr.)
          [+Streamlining add-on (--, 0.200MCr.)]
          [+Radiation Shielding add-on (--, 0.250Mcr.)]
     Total Hull: {10dt, 1.000Mcr.[+0.950Mcr.]}
Basic Module Power Requirement: 2EP

10dt Living Module:
Ship Class Stateroom, 2ea. (double occupancy) (8dt, 1.000Mcr.)
Airlock, 1ea. (1dt, 0.200Mcr.)
Solar Array (0.5dt, 0.050Mcr.)
Cargo (0.5dt, -.---)
     Totals: {10dt, +1.250Mcr.}2.200Mcr.

10dt Mixed/HazEnviron Module (TL8):
Airlock, 1ea. (1dt, 0.200Mcr.)
Lab., 1ea., 4dt, 1.000Mcr.)
Multi-Environment Space for 4dt, 4.25dt, -4EP, 0.125Mcr.
     Ship Class Stateroom, 4dt, 0.5Mcr.
Retractable folding solar array (not shown), 0.5dt, +50EP-, 0.050Mcr.
Cargo: 0.25dt.
     Totals: {10dt, -4EP, +1.875Mcr.}2.825Mcr.

10dt Low Berth Module:
Airlock, 1ea. (1dt, 0.200Mcr.)
Low Berth, 17ea. (8.5dt, -2EP, 0.850Mcr.)
Solar Array (0.5dt, 0.050Mcr.)
Cargo (none)
     Totals: {10dt, -2EP, +1.100Mcr.}2.050Mcr.

10dt Science Module:
Airlock, 1ea. (1dt, 0.200Mcr.)
Lab., 2ea. (8dt, 2.000Mcr.)
Solar Array (0.5dt, 0.050Mcr.)
Cargo (0.5dt, -.---)
     Totals: {10dt, +2.250Mcr.}3.200Mcr.


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