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Thursday, December 15, 2016

20dt, TL10, 8 passenger Launch


Also termed a life boat, this craft uses a 20–ton hull. Imperial travel codes mandate that passengers traveling on commercial starships and sub-craft SHALL be protected from radiation, so this model has AF6 armor (equivalent to radiation shielding, but cheaper).
The Imperial Trade Security Bureau likes these craft for low threat environments, and the Traveller's Aid Society endorses this model for 4-diamond safety rating.
Commonly used across the Imperium, but best known as the standard craft for "Fat" traders and upwardly mobile commercial space interests.

Hull (TL10):
20 Tons with streamlining (20dt, 1.1Mcr.)
     HP = 8
     AF6 Crystal-Iron armor (7.5%vol.) (3dt, 0.33Mcr.)
Total Hull: {AF6, 20dt, 17dt avail., 1.43McrA~1.073McrImp.}

Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement = 4EP

Engineering (TL10):
     Gravitic M-drive, 3G thrust, 6EP, 0.6dt, 1.2Mcr.
     Fusion-8 P-Plant,  10EP, 1dt, 0.5Mcr.
     Fuel: 1dt (4 weeks)
     space for maintenance: 0.4dt
Total Engineering: {3G thrust, 4 weeks duration, 4EP avail., 3dt, 1.7McrA~1.275McrImp.}

Bridge Control (TL9):
     Small Craft cockpit for 1,DM-4, 1.5dt, 0.5MCr.
          +Holographic controls, +0.125Mcr.
     Computer Model/1fib, R5, ---, 0.045Mcr.
Total Controls: {DM-4, Init.+2, 1.5dt, 0.67Mcr9~0.469McrImp.}

Airlock, 1ea., 1dt, 0.2McrA~0.15McrImp.

Acceleration Couch, 8ea., 4dt, 0.24McrA~0.18McrImp.

Cabin Space, 2 units, 3dt, 0.15McrA~0.113McrImp.

Cargo: 4.5dt (ventral compartment)

Software: Maneuver/0 Library/0

Totals: {AF6, Init.+2, DM-4, 0EP avail., 20dt, 3.26MCrImp.}

This common ship’s boat is a fast and flexible small craft, which can be used as a fuel skimmer or transport. Common variants install more passenger space instead of comfort, or mount anti–personnel weapons on the outer hull. This is a standard design for which the 10% discount applies (see Core Rule Book page 114).


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