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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

20dt TL9+ Fighter


This 20dt fighter does not include an airlock as the crew wear spacesuits for flight duration.

20dt Hull (TL9), HP=8, SL, 1.1Mcr.
     +Radiation Shielding, 0.5Mcr.
     +Heat Shielding, 0.2Mcr.
     +Aerofins (5%vol.), 1dt, 0.1Mcr.
     19dt available, 1.9Mcr9~1.33McrImp.

Basic Ship Systems power requirement: 4EP

     Controls (TL10):
Cockpit x2, 2.25dt, 0.015McrA
     +Holographic add-on (Init.+2), +0.004McrA
Military Grade Sensors, DM0, 2EP, 2dt, 3McrA
Computer: Model 2fib, R10, 0.24Mcr9~0.224McrA
Total Controls: Init.+2, DM0, 2EP, 4.25dt, 3.243McrA~2.433McrImp.

     Engines (TL9):
Gravitic M-drive (1%vol.+2EP/G), 1G thrust, 2EP, 0.2dt, 0.4Mcr.
Fusion Power Plant (TL8-11), 12EP, 1.2dt, 0.6Mcr.
     Fuel: 1dt (4 weeks)
Reaction Drive, 9G thrust, (4.5dt L-Hyd./hr.; 0.75dt H2O/hr.), 3.6dt, 0.72Mcr.
     Reaction Mass fuel tank: (9 hours full thrust, 81G-h, H2O), 6.75dt.
Total Engines and Fuel: 10EP avail., 12.75dt, 1.72Mcr9~1.204McrImp.

     Weapons (TL10, ignoring firmpoint rule for ship class weaponry):
Pop-up triple turret, 2dt, 2McrA
     1ea. Pulse Laser-10 (Adv.+1, High Yield--Dmg.4-12), 4EP, 1.1McrA
     2ea. Missile Racks (8ea. nuclear), 0EP, 1.5Mcr7~1.2McrA [+0.3Mcr./reload]
Total Weapons: 4EP, 2dt, 2.3McrA~1.725McrImp.

     Totals for vessel:
{9G thrust/9hours + 1G gravitic thrust continuous, 0EP avail., 20dt, AF0, HP=8, SL, HS, RS, Atmo.+2, Init.+2, DM0, R10f, 6.692McrImp.}


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