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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

200dt TL15/12 Stingray XLC5F L.Range Courier, Corrected Values

200dt J5 Courier
Values in Tons & MCrTL12 (except J-drive & Power Plant)

Hull 200 ton Streamlined (8.8Mcr.)
Self-sealing (+2Mcr.)
Rad Shielded [AF6vsRad] (+50Mcr.)
Heat shielded (+20Mcr.) Stealth (+20Mcr.)
Total Hull {100.8Mcr. 200dt avail.}
Hull=4/Structure=4 Armour None

Jump Drive type-E : TL15 build (x.95) (28.5dt), 55McrImp. (64.706Mcr.)
Rapid Cycle Jump (+5Mcr.)
Stealth Jump (+50%) (+34.853Mcr.)
Total Jump 5 drive : (28.5dt), (104.559Mcr.)

Maneuver Drive type-E at TL12 (x.75) Thrust 5 (6.75dt), (40Mcr.)

Power Plant E Tech 15 (x.75) Power 5 (12dt), (80Mcr.) (94.12Mcr.)
Total Engineering/Drives : {47.25dt, 238.679Mcr.}

Standard Bridge (10dt), (1Mcr.)
Holographic controls [+2 Init.] (+0.25Mcr.)
Computer Model 4bis Rating 20+5 (+7.5Mcr.)
Electronics: Very Advanced [+2DM] (5dt) (4Mcr.)
Total Bridge & Control : {15dt, 12.75Mcr.}

1 Triple Turret Triple Turret (1dt) (1Mcr.)
Particle beam [(+4Mcr.)x2] [TL 11 build : Long Range, Very High yield]
Total Weapons : {1dt, 9Mcr.}

Fuel [Req. of 5dt per week standard, with mods = 76weeks per 10dt]
J-5 (100dt)
12 tons Ops Fuel Duration = 91.2weeks
Total Fuel : {112dt}
Fuel Processor: {2dt for 40dt per day at 0.1Mcr.}
Fuel Scoops Integral

Staterooms x 2 {8dt, 1Mcr.} 
Low Berths x 3 {1.5dt, 0.15Mcr.} 
Extras: Drop tank grapples {4dt, (2McrImp.)>2.35Mcr.} 
Garage/cargo hold-Converted to Stateroom {4dt, 0.5Mcr.} 
Cargo Hold: {5.25dt} 

Total Ship {200dt, 365.329McrTL12(310.53McrImp./279.477McrImp. for Qty. disc.)} 

Requirements: Stores: 2dt, 25,878CrImp. per month for maintenance. At full life support usage, replenishment will cost 9,000CrImp. per month.

{(Jump Control/5) (Evade/1, Auto-Repair/1, Intellect) (FireCntrl/4)  (Library, Maneuver/0)}
Rating 25 Rating (10+10/10) Rating 20 Rating 0

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