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Saturday, February 2, 2013

5dt TL7 Lander

[Note: No photo available.]

Ship resembles Apollo mission Lunar lander except it is enclosed with retractable landing gear and able to land in planetary atmospheres other than 0 or 1.
Lander is equipped with heat shield and parachute aero-braking system for emergency landings in atmosphere above type 1.

 5dt Lander craft

5dt streamlined hull (5dt, 0.880)
Heat Shielding (---, 0.500)
Radiation Shielding (---, 1.250)
Emergency Parachute aero-braking system (0.05dt, 0.005)
Landing Suspension, retractable (0.5dt, 0.500)
     Total Hull (4.45dt avail., 3.135)

Type sA- Reaction Drive (2G perf.) (0.125dt, 0.250)
Type sA- Battery array (R2 perf. for 100h. dur.) (0.075, 0.600)
Reaction mass fuel (2g-hours thrust) (0.25dt, 0.000125)
     Total Engineering: (0.45dt, 0.850)

Cockpit Controls for one (1.5dt, 0.025)
     Standard Electronics (DM-4)
     Model 1 Computer (---, 0.030)
     Total Controls: (1.5dt, 0.055)

Airlock: (1dt, 0.200)

Payload: (1.5dt, varies)
Usual configuration: 2ea. Accel. Couches (1dt, 0.100) and 0.5dt Cargo.

Ship Totals: (5dt, 4.340Mcr.) {2.604McrImp}

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