Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

400dt TL12 Subsidized Merchant, Type R, Mk2a3

The technology in the Mark Two is up to Imperial standards; the ship meets all safety standards and is endorsed by the Traveller's Aid Society Safety Bureau. This vessel serves dense clusters of worlds. The A3's engine configuration is designed to facilitate quicker transfers to jump points. The vessel may not clamp or carry additional tanks or vessels and expect to jump. A3s are popular among the small package trade or courier companies for the high reliability and quickness.

Hull: TL12, 400dt, Streamlined, Hull 8/Structure 8, 17.6Mcr.
          Self-sealing option add-on: +4Mcr.
          Armor: none
          Stealth system for hull exterior, et al (---, +40.000)
Total Hull: {400dt, 61.6Mcr.}

     Engineering [TL12]:
Type B jump drive, J-1, (+3, advanced) (11.25dt, 40.000Mcr.)
     Stealth mode add-on (+50%) (---, +20.000Mcr.)
Type F grav. M-drive, (3G), (+3, adv.) (8.25dt, 48.000Mcr.)
Type F fusion P-plant, P-3, (19dt, 48.000Mcr.)
     Total Engineering: {38.5dt+0.5dt space, 156.000Mcr.}

Bridge, standard, 20dt, 2Mcr. Computer: Model 2, R10, 0.16Mcr.
          Basic Military Sensors: DM0, 2dt, 1Mcr.
Total Controls et al: {22dt, 3.16Mcr.}

Weapons: Two Hardpoints, {2dt, varies}

Fuel: 1ea. J-1, 4 weeks operations (64dt, 0.0320Mcr.)
Cargo: {189dt, -.---}
Staterooms: 13ea. {52dt, 6.500Mcr.}
Low Berths: 9ea. {4.5dt, 0.450Mcr.}
Escape Pods: 13ea. {6.5dt, 1.3Mcr.}
Fuel Processor: 20dt fuel per day {1dt, 0.050Mcr.}

Launch: {20dt, 12.765Mcr.}

Vessel Totals, including launch: {400dt, 241.825McrC (205.552McrImp)}
     Without stealth add-ons: {400dt, 181.825Mcr. (154.552McrImp)}

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