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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nubian Diplomatic Barge

Freighter/Liner (Diplomatic Barge)

TL15 Hull: Type J 51H/51S 1800dt 180Mcr.
          +Streamlining (Airframe) +18Mcr. +Aerofins (Control surfaces) -90dt +18Mcr.
          +Self-sealing +18Mcr.
          +Armor (AF15) -225dt +225Mcr.
          +Stealth (DM-4) +180Mcr.
          +Heat Shielding +180Mcr.
          +Radiation Shielding (+6AP vs. Rad) +450Mcr.
     Total Hull: +1,485dt 1,269Mcr.

The following drives are ganged together to give type DD performance (6G's Accel./Jump 6-with drop tanks or Rating 6 for other type FTL drive).

4ea. Type J FTL drive [R1,4,5,6] 50dt 90Mcr.
          +Fast Cycle Option +9Mcr.
          +Stealth Option +45Mcr.
     Total per drive cost 144Mcr.
Total FTL drives 200dt, 576MCr.

4ea. Type J Power Plant [R1,4,5,6] Advanced Fusion @ 21dt, 144Mcr.
Total Power Plants 84dt, 576Mcr.

4ea. Type J Maneuver drive [R1,4,5,6] Advanced Gravitic @ 12.75dt, 72Mcr.
Total Manuever drives 51dt, 288Mcr.

     Total Engineering -335dt 1,440Mcr.

Standard bridge: 40dt 9Mcr.
          +Holographic Controls (+2 Init) +2.25Mcr.
     Military Countermeasures Suite (DM+6) -20dt +25Mcr.
          +Enhanced Signal Processing (DM+4) -2dt +8Mcr.
Computer: Model Core/9 R100 +130Mcr.
     Total Bridge and Controls -62dt +165.25Mcr.

Plantier Shield Generator [Hits 2/3, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6] -10dt 35Mcr.

Nuclear Damper -20dt +30Mcr.

Meson Screen -20dt +60Mcr.

Staterooms, 16ea. -64dt +8Mcr.
     Crew: 28 total. 4ea. sgl. SR, 12ea dbl. SR
Staterooms,  20ea. -80dt +10Mcr.
     Luxury Passengers, 8ea. + 4ea servants.
Library -4dt +4Mcr.
Briefing Room -4dt +0.5Mcr.
Vault -16dt +14Mcr.
     28 Emergency berths + airlock (7+1dt)
Armories, 2ea -4dt +1Mcr.
Luxuries: -70dt +7Mcr.
Cargo: -202dt
     594dt (2,772 hours dur., or J-3 + 252 hours dur.)

Total Ship: 1800dt 3,063.75McrImp.

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