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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sensors Pos. 2/Plantier Shield Operator, Crewman "Radical Edward", Edwina Elise Mundas, "M.S. Laburnum Varabile"

Name: Edward Wang Hwe Pepel Cybulski 4th (birth name: Françoise Appledehli)
Current Imperial Ident. Name: Edwina Elise Mundas
AKA "Radical Edward", "White Rabbit", "Fast Eddie", "Eddie the Hacker", etc.
Ed is one of the people saved from the Sargasso of Space (created by the time rift / gate crash at the L-4 point in Earth orbit). Travelling the OTU, she has learned to speak Common (Chinglish/Galanglic), and learned the wondrously new advancements in computer science. As an adult, she is an even more formidable hacker. Recently she has signed on as crewman for the "M.S. Laburnum Varabile".
Race: Human, born on Earth (Terra/Sol) in Universe Prime +001A2

Appearance: 5'7"Ht, 120lbs, thin, Fair skin, lt. brown eyes, short blond hair.
Rank 3 (Ex-Info.Warfare Specialist,2t/Ex-Bounty hunter,1t)
5CAFC6 Age: 30 (38)

Scientist-2terms as child, Bondsman 1term, Information Warfare Specialist-2terms.

It grosses out the average Imperial citizen and many men and women, but StuWiFoo, her husband does not find the triple data ports in the back of her head upsetting at all. In certain social settings, such as Imperial society, she will wear a hat or scarf or carefully tailored dress to conceal the back of her head. On most missions, she will be wearing a custom Boa-Space Fashion spacesuit with cybernetic interface.

Ed is married to StuWiFoo and they have a daughter, Anna, who lives aboard ship with them and helps out working for the steward's office. Frustratingly for Ed & Stu, Anna prefers human service & entertainment over technology.

Cybernetic Augmentation (TL16):
Cybernetic Head Mods (3ea.) (5.5Mcr)
     Intelligence Boost +3 (Intelligence Augmentation)
     *Computer Integration
Wafer Jack (Computer/5), TL14+
     Intelligent Interface /1 +
pkg. A
     Security /3
     Intellect /1
or pkg. B
     Intrusion /2
     Expert /2 (see software list below)
or pkg. C
     Expert/3 (see software list below)
or pkg. D
     Translator /1
     Streetwise, Persuade, Carouse, Diplomacy/1
Wafer Jack Level 3 software list
     Gun Combat (pistols)
     Gun Combat (shotgun)
     Gun Combat (beam weapons)
Wafer Jack Level 2 software list

*Eidetic Memory Chip

SkillSoft {This is an earlier enhancement that has since been integrated with her most recent upgrades. This enhancement allows Ed to rely on her own learned skills. (Note: she is currently concentrating on improving her Sensors and Screens skills, but once she reaches level 3 competency, she is planning to concentrate on Electronics and Robotics.) Ed is content to rely on software for some skills, but not the ones listed below utilizing software enhancement of existing skill.}
(1 at a time) (2.25Mcr)
     +1, Sensors
     +1, Screens
     +1, Remote Ops
     +1, Electronics

*Neural Communications, TL14

*Electronically and neurally linked (Init.+2)

Remote Ops-2
Gunnery (Screens)-2
Gun Cbt (Slug Pistol)-1

Salary: varies
Expenses (min.): Cr.1,200/month (when not living aboard ship)
Payment on loan=47,847CrImp./month for next 240months (payoff=7.25McrImp., 11.48323McrImp. if making all payments)
So she needs about 50,000CrImp per month to live comfortably (she cares more for her electronics than for owning a house or spaceship). Before signing on as crewman (PO1) aboard the M.S. Laburnum Varabilis and it's mission to the Spinward marches, she was able to make a major score of 480,000CrImp which she has on deposit with the Bank of Earth to make payments on her loan. The bank doesn't know about her trip, and she is hoping to score more gelt in various scams along the way and wire money back so that she doesn't fall under the wrath of the Mars Syndicate (that actually controls the Bank of Earth).

Ed has minimal clothes, her jump suit, and spacesuit (aboard ship or planet-side in no hostile environment, she prefers to be shoe-less & comfortable.
Her one prized possession (other than her cybernetic enhancements) is her portable computer, Tomato MCM, [TL15, Computer/6, 0.5kg, 10Kcr.]. Software packages are as her wafer jack computer, except she has written more advanced software for intrusion and other purposes.


Protec: Tailored Cloth Armor Jump Suit (TL9), Prot. 4, {1000cr.}, 2kg.
Bao-Space Fashion Space suit...


Autopistol, 9mm (TL6), Range=Pistol, Skill=Gun Cbt. (Slug Pistol), Dmg. 3d6–3, Mag. 15, Auto No, Recoil 0, Mass 1kg, {200/10cr.}

Flechette SMG (TL9) Range=Shotgun, Skill=Gun Cbt. (Slug Pistol), Dmg. 3d6, Mag. 40, Auto 4, Recoil 1/2, Mass 3kg, {500/10cr.}

ST 8 [-20]
DX 14 [80]
IQ 15 [100]
HT 10

HP 8
Will 15
Per 15
FP 10

Basic Lift 13
Damage 1d-3/1d-2

Basic Speed 6
Basic Move 6

Ground Move 6
Water Move 1

Social Background
TL: 10 [0]
Cultural Familiarities:
Languages: Chinglish or Galanglic (Accented) [4]; German (Accented) [4];English (Accented) [4]; High Vilani (Native) [0].

Advantages [40]
Absolute Timing [2]
Appearance (Attractive) [4]
Combat Reflexes [15]
G-Experience (5) [5]

Disadvantages [-50]
Code of Honor (Hacker's) [-5]
Curious (12 or less) [-5]
Guilt Complex (about urges) [-5]
Lecherousness ((mostly men)) (12 or less) [-15]
Secret (Hacker Identity is "Radical Edward") (Serious Embarrassment) [-5]
Sense of Duty (Small Group) [-5]
Xenophilia (12 or less) [-10]

Packages [0]
Starship Deckhand (Traveller: Interstellar Wars) [0]

Skills [80]
Acrobatics DX/H - DX-1 13 [2]
Administration IQ/A - IQ-1 15 [1]
Airshipman/TL10 IQ/E - IQ+1 17 [2]
Carousing HT/E - HT+0 10 [1]
Computer Hacking/TL10 IQ/VH - IQ+1 17 [12]
Computer Operation/TL10 IQ/E - IQ+1 17 [2]
Computer Programming/TL10 IQ/H - IQ+1 17 [8]
Dancing DX/A - DX-1 13 [1]
Driving/TL10 (Grav Vehicles) DX/A - DX-1 13 [1]
Driving (vehicle type) P/A - ?+? 0 [0]
Electronics Operation/TL10 (Communications) IQ/A - IQ+1 17 [4]
Electronics Operation/TL10 (Electronic Warfare) IQ/A - IQ+2 18 [8]
Electronics Operation/TL10 (Sensors) IQ/A - IQ+0 16 [2]
Electronics Repair/TL10 (Computers) IQ/A - IQ+0 16 [2]
Free Fall DX/A - DX+0 14 [2]
Freight Handling/TL10 IQ/A - IQ+1 17 [4]
Hacker network (Merchant) IQ/E - IQ+1 17 [2]
Judo DX/H - DX-1 13 [2]
Karate DX/H - DX-1 13 [2]
Kicking (Karate) Tech/H - def+0 11 [0]
Knee Strike (Karate) Tech/A - def+0 12 [0]
Leadership IQ/A - IQ-1 15 [1]
Lockpicking/TL10 IQ/A - IQ-1 15 [1]
Mechanic/TL10 (Life Support Systems) IQ/A - IQ-1 15 [1]
Mechanic/TL10 (Starships) IQ/A - IQ+1 17 [4]
Navigation/TL10 (Space) IQ/A - IQ-1 15 [1]
Piloting/TL10 (Lighter-Than-Air) DX/A - DX-1 13 [1]
Piloting/TL10 (RCV) DX/A - DX+0 14 [2]
Running HT/A - HT+0 10 [2]
Savoir-Faire (Hackers) IQ/E - IQ+0 16 [1]
Savoir-Faire (Servant) IQ/E - IQ+0 16 [1]
Shiphandling/TL10 (Spaceship) IQ/H - IQ-2 14 [1]
Spacer/TL10 IQ/E - IQ+2 18 [4]
Sweeping Kick (Judo) Tech/H - def+0 10 [0]
Sweeping Kick (Karate) Tech/H - def+0 10 [0]
Vacc Suit/TL10 DX/A - DX+0 14 [2]
Work by Touch (Lockpicking) Tech/H - def+0 10 [0]

Stats [180] Ads [40] Disads [-50] Quirks [0] Skills [80] = Total [250]

Hand Weapons

Ranged Weapons

Armor & Possessions

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