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Friday, August 21, 2015

Weapons Officer/Gunner#1, 3rd Officer Major Cassandra de Haviland, "M.S. Laburnum Varabile"

Name: Cassandra Marie de Haviland, Ex-Warrior/Barbarian, Ex-Imperial Marines, Force Recon., Major (Rank3)

She is an older sister to Dr. de Haviland (q.v.) and very similar in appearance, often mistaken as a twin of Virginia. Cassandra was always interested in warfare and outdoors activities; when she was twelve, she was sent to live with an uncle off-planet who was a retired marine and avid hunter. At age sixteen while on safari to a primitive planet, her uncle was killed by a giant bear-like creature that she was able to kill with her sword. She was raised by the natives of the planet and taught the skills of a warrior. When an Imperial Marines recruiting drive came to the planet, she volunteered to get passage off-planet. During training, her intelligence was noted and she was offered OCS training which she excelled at. Because of her background with primitive technology and excellent hand-to-hand skills, she was assigned to Force Recon for special operations and infiltration. When she was finally able to return to Tonopah, she learned of the disgrace of her sister and the reprisals against her family. She is suspected of the murder of a church leader on Tonopah and is under a fatwa; this is ok with her as she would love to carve up some more of the church's minions. She has finally found her sister and is very protective; she has resigned from the Imperial Marines to serve where she can to keep an eye on her sister.

Mongoose Traveller Stats.:

Major Cassandra Marie de Haviland
Rank 3 (2nd Officer, M.S. Ataraxis)
BF8CC8 Age: 34 (38)
Barbarian 1 term, Imperial Marines 4 terms, Merchants 1 term.
100 Shares of BMC; 5,337CrImp. E-chit

Gun Cbt. (Slug Pistol)-3
Gun Cbt. (Slug Rifle)-1
Blade Cbt. (Saber)-4
Vacc. Suit-1

Salary: Cr.2200/month
Expenses (min.): Cr.2000/month (when not living aboard ship)


Adv. Cbt. Armor (TL14) w/Chameleon Effect, Prot. 16, {600,000cr.}, 6kg. (Mustering out benefit)
Protec: Tailored Cloth Armor Jump Suit (TL9), Prot. 4, {1000cr.}, 2kg.


Mono-Blade Saber (TL12)
     Custom Heirloom Weapon made w/TL15 materials,
     [Mono-Filament Sword, Melee (blade), Dmg.:3d6, Auto=No,
     Recoil/Heft=-2, Mass=0.75, 2500cr] Armor defense halved.
     On a critical hit, extremity severed on 1-4 from d6, otherwise extra die of dmg.

Heavy Revolver (TL6) Range=Pistol, Skill=Gun Cbt. (Slug Pistol), Dmg. 4d6–4, Mag. 6, Auto No, Recoil 2, Mass 1.5kg, {400/12cr.} Custom 11mm Magnum VF Quality Revolver {2000cr.} x2.

Heavy Derringer (TL5) Range=Pistol, Skill=Gun Cbt. (Slug Pistol), Dmg. 3d6–2 or 4d6–3, Mag. 2, Auto No, Recoil 1, Mass 0.6kg, {200/1cr.} Custom 11mm Magnum VF Quality Derringer {1000cr.} x2.

Ammunition: 10,000 rounds (11mm magnum) in boxes {1000cr.}

Flechette SMG (TL9) Range=Shotgun, Skill=Gun Cbt. (Slug Pistol), Dmg. 3d6, Mag. 40, Auto 4, Recoil 1/2, Mass 3kg, {500/10cr.}

Heavy Advanced Combat Rifle (TL10) Range=Rifle, Skill=Gun Cbt. (Slug Rifle), Dmg. 4d6 SAP, 4d6 AP (DSAP), Mag. 40, Auto 4, Recoil 2, {1,300/20cr.}

Human, female; Ht.5’6”, Wt.135lbs., Black Hair, Dark Green Eyes, White skin, Age: 34 (38)
Small scar on right cheek.

Attributes [230]
ST 13 [30]
DX 15 [100]
IQ 14 [80]
HT 9 [-10]

HP 18 [10]
Will 14
Per 14
FP 9

Basic Lift 34
Damage 1d/2d-1

Basic Speed 7 [20]
Basic Move 7

Ground Move 7/14
Water Move 1

Social Background
TL: 10 [0]
Cultural Familiarities:
Languages: English (Accented) [4]; Galanglic (Native) [0].
Religion: Secular Humanist

Advantages [121]
Appearance (Beautiful) [12]
Enhanced Move (Ground) (1) [20]
Enhanced Time Sense [45]
Military Rank (Imperial) (4) [20]
Status (Imperial) (1) [5]
Very Fit [15]

Disadvantages [-115]
Bloodlust (12 or less) [-10]
Callous [-5]
Code of Honor (Soldier's) [-10]
Enemy (Church Gov't Of Tonopah--under fatwa) (Size: Formidable Group (Gov'ts or guilds)) [-40]
No Sense of Humor [-10]
Obsession (Against all Mormons, -1 React. Mod.) (Short-Term Goal) (12 or less) [-5]
Obsession (Revenge upon the church leaders who disgraced her sister.) (Long-Term Goal) (12 or less) [-10]
Sense of Duty to Marine Corps (Large Group) [-10]
Truthfulness (12 or less) [-5]
Vow (Chastity) (Minor) [-5]
Workaholic [-5]

Quirks [-3]
Congenial [-1]
Personality Change [-1]
Trademark (Throws cards from deck on bodies after battle if time.) [-1]

Skills [67]
Bow DX/A - DX+0 15 [2]
Brawling DX/E - DX+0 15 [1]
Climbing DX/A - DX+0 15 [2]
Driving/TL10 (Automobile) DX/A - DX-1 14 [1]
Driving (vehicle type) P/A - ?+? 0 [0]
Electronics Operation/TL10 (Communications) IQ/A - IQ-1 13 [1]
Fast-Draw (Sword) DX/E - DX+3 18 [4]
includes: +1 from 'Enhanced Time Sense'
Feint (Saber) Tech/H - def+0 17 [0]
First Aid/TL10 (Human) IQ/E - IQ+0 14 [1]
Forward Observer/TL10 IQ/A - IQ-1 13 [1]
Free Fall DX/A - DX-1 14 [1]
Gesture IQ/E - IQ+0 14 [1]
Ground Fighting (Saber) Tech/H - def+0 13 [0]
Gunner/TL10 (Beams) DX/E - DX+0 15 [1]
Gunner/TL10 (Rockets) DX/E - DX+0 15 [1]
Guns/TL10 (Laser Pistol) DX/E - DX+0 15 [1]
Guns/TL10 (Musket) DX/E - DX+0 15 [1]
Guns/TL10 (Rifle) DX/E - DX+0 15 [1]
Heraldry IQ/A - IQ+0 14 [2]
Judo DX/H - DX-1 14 [2]
Karate DX/H - DX-1 14 [2]
Kicking (Karate) Tech/H - def+0 12 [0]
Knee Strike (Karate) Tech/A - def+0 13 [0]
Leadership IQ/A - IQ+1 15 [4]
Lip Reading Per/A - Per-1 13 [1]
Lockpicking/TL10 IQ/A - IQ+0 14 [2]
Mechanic/TL10 (Fusion Reactor) IQ/A - IQ-1 13 [1]
Navigation/TL10 (Land) IQ/A - IQ+0 14 [2]
Piloting/TL10 (Contragravity) DX/A - DX-1 14 [1]
Retain Weapon (Saber) Tech/H - def+0 17 [0]
Riding (Equines) DX/A - DX+1 16 [4]
Saber DX/A - DX+2 17 [8]
Savoir-Faire (Military) IQ/E - IQ+1 15 [2]
Shortsword DX/A - DX+0 15 [2]
Soldier/TL10 IQ/A - IQ-1 13 [1]
Stealth DX/A - DX+0 15 [2]
Strategy (Land) IQ/H - IQ-2 12 [1]
Tactics IQ/H - IQ+0 14 [4]
Throwing DX/A - DX-1 14 [1]
Vacc Suit/TL10 DX/A - DX-1 14 [1]
Work by Touch (Lockpicking) Tech/H - def+3 12 [4]

Stats [230] Ads [121] Disads [-115] Quirks [-3] Skills [67] = Total [300]

Hand Weapons
Cassandra is usually always armed with her saber (see below) and in firefights will be using her revolver or derringer. Boarding actions will see her using her Combat Armor and Flechette SMG.
Ranged Weapons
See above.
Armor & Possessions
See above and:

Custom hand-and-half katana-like bastard sabre made from Collapsed hyperdense crystal-iron inlaid with mithril silver of extremely fine quality finished to a monomolecular edge; this sword is one of a kind and a family heirloom from her uncle. The sword is sheathed in a gravity sheath scabbard of Ancient's Technology, but covered in inlaid mithril and fire gems. The scabbard is also a family heirloom and kept a secret from the Imperial government.

Among her personal effects is a fine mahogany box of a pair of matched 11mm Magnum caliber revolvers (similar to the S&W M29 .44 Magnum or Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum) of very fine quality, a matched pair of very fine 11mm Magnum Derringers (VF Quality), and another mahogany chest of 10,000 rounds of 11mm Magnum ammunition. These revolvers are used by Cassandra when it is apparent that a firefight is imminent; in casual attire and subject to the control rating of the jurisdiction, she will usually have a Derringer or two concealed and will be openly wearing the sabre.

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