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Saturday, August 8, 2015

2nd Engineer, 4th Officer Master Chief Hans Urlichtmann, "M.S. Laburnum Varabile"

Hans Urlichtmann

Name: Hans Urlichtmann
Race: Human

Appearance: Male, 5’10”ht., 150lbs.wt., average appearance, blond hair blue eyes.

897AC7 Age: 38 (50)
Navy-5terms (Engineering Enlisted-Master Chief, Retired)
18,500CrImp, Air/Raft, Vacc Suit.

Engineer-4 (Power-1, M-Drive-2, J-Drive-1)
Vacc Suit-1
Gun Cbt.-1
Drive (Grav Veh.)-1
Trade (Hydroponics)-2

Chip Implant [TL16 Wafer Jack Computer/7]
Intelligent Interface-1
and space for Level Three Skill:
     any level three skillNeural Comm. (TL15; Multidata & Comp/2 running Agent-2)

Hans is from a Water world and spent his formative years entirely indoors in a seabed colony. When he enlisted in the Imperial Navy, he found that life aboard ship is not much different than life in a submarine or undersea colony. He is mildly agoraphobic and while capable of EVA, would prefer not to leave the ship. Even when the ship is in port or landed on a habitable planet, he prefers to stay aboard the ship and work on the engines or tinker with his own gravity car that Captain North has graciously (with Lady Farin's permission of course) allowed to berth in the cargo hold. Allison is glad to have him as an assistant and recognizes that Hans is a much better mechanic; she usually has him in attendance upon the engines while she is doing EVA.

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