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Saturday, August 29, 2015

1st Pilot, First Officer Col. Schuyler North, "M.S. Laburnum Varabile" J-5 transport

Schuyler Andrew North, Col. Imperial Air Force of Earth (Terra/Sol), Retired.

Shown below, Schuyler is leaving his home in Texas (N. America, Fed. States, Republic of Texas, Terra-Earth) for Mars to mothball the shipyards on Phobos and Deimos, and to take command of the Courier/Escort HMS Eightfold Way: {The weapon below is named Gwendoline, the Captain is partial to this weapon, so anyone in the crew getting too close to his girl will induce anger in the old man.}

UPDATE: Col. North has signed on as 1st Officer aboard the "M.S. Laburnum Varabile".

Schuyler Andrew North, Colonel IAFE, retired. (Commander in Naval rank)
Rank 2 (Ship Master's License)
898CC8 Age: 42 (46)
Naval College-1t, Pilot Academy-1t, Navy (Spec. Ops, cmdg.-3t; Shuttle-1t)-4t, Merchant-3t (current). SEH-1, MCUF-2, PH-1.
Assets: 20year pension (covers his modest home in the RoT, medical, and country club dues)
          NOTE: Due to the fall of Earth to Imperial forces, it is uncertain if Col. North's residence and beloved golf course are still standing. His few bank accounts have been seized by Imperial agents who think he is involved with SolSec. (This is a false accusation made by the Colonel's ex-wife, and made plausible by his loyalty to Lady Farin, a known SolSec agent--something that Col. North does not believe.) This is all complicated by the fact that Col. North has a crush on Lady Farin, but can't do any thing about it now that she has married George. Schuyler was able to liquidate assets and convert to bullion and other financial instruments to hide his money before it could be taken by the Imperium. He can't do anything about his lovely home in Texas or his custom golf clubs that were in the garage of his home when he had to flee the Solar system. He did escape with his favorite guns from his collection.

Membership in Traveller's Aid Society.
Ten high passage tickets redeemable at any Imperial Rated Travel Vendor.
Considerable Gun Collection [Only 1ea. Adv.+3, Auto-Rifle, 1ea. Plasma Rifle, & 2ea. 1911 custom adv.+3 11.43mm Auto-Pistols with (1200 rounds) ammunition is all that Schuyler could manage to get away with from Earth as it fell to the Imperial invaders.]

Gun Cbt. (AutoRifle)-3
Gun Cbt. (Pistol)-1
Vacc Suit-1
Grav. Veh.-0

Chip Implant [TL16 Wafer Jack Computer/7]
Intelligent Interface-1
and space for Level Three Skill (either of 3 options):
Astrogation-3, Gunnery-3, Basic Business Pkg. (Admin.-1, Advocate-1, Broker-1)-3)

Neural Comm. (TL15; Multidata & Comp/2 running Agent-2)


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