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Sunday, August 30, 2015

X.O., Baroness Farin Julia Saxon-Tesla of Mars (Terra/Sol), "M.S. Laburnum Varabile"

The Baroness, Lady Farin, as Controller of the Earth Restoration Trust brings 10,115 shares of Boadicea Merchant Company Stock and all other assets having been liquidated (cash at 1,331McrImp in bullion and financial instruments).

The Baroness was able to rescue most of her family's assets, but the Invasion of Earth makes all her connections and influence within twenty-five parsecs of Sol/Terra/Earth a hindrance. She is broken-hearted by the seizure of her Fief on Mars, and the destruction of Deimos, and she can only assume from the last sensors reading before jump, Phobos as well. Whatever her love of Imperial approval and riches had been, it is certain that her hatred toward the Imperium for the damage to Mars and Earth, as well as the two planets' continued subjugation by Imperial forces, has earned an undying hatred that will smolder in her heart has she smiles and does business. She will find a way to make payback--she has all the names of the leadership of the local Imperial Marquis and his superiors involved with the Invasion of Earth--payback is a Bee-otch.

(Formerly CEO of Tesla-Plantier Gravitic Drive Corporation & VP of Ops at Phobos Yards, she is now on the run with what remains of her family's wealth to keep it from the Imperialists and the Fascists.)

Name: Farin Julia Saxon-Tesla
Race: Human, female, 96% genetically Solomani
Appearance: Height: 5'10", Weight: 119lbs, Brown hair with blond highlights, Blue eyes, Fair Skin, Age: 30a (50).
Personal Philosophy/Religion: Nietzschean, although she is coming around to George's Buddhism.
Social: Although Lady Farin holds citizenship in the Imperium through her title and marriage to George, she is highly placed in SolSec. Her desire to advance her own personal peace and affluence overrides political considerations, however, and her love for George has placed him and his goals as first priority. She has thus turned her formidable talent for skulduggery and wealth accumulation toward the building up of the Jetson household. Heaven help George if he ever betrays her love.


Nobility (6terms: Diplomat 3t/Dilettante 3t),
Agent (2terms),
Merchant (2terms: current)
10,115 Shares BMC; 145,000CrImp in 5% notes, 22,530CrImp cash/coin.

Trade (Space Construction)-1
Blade Weapons (Rapier)-0
Gun Cbt. (SMG)-2

Chip Implant [TL16 Wafer Jack Computer/7]
Intelligent Interface-1
and space for Level Three Skill (either of 3 options):
Beam Weapons-3
Gunnery (Beam)-3
Ops. Pkg. (Pilot-1/Astr-1/Sensors-1)

Additional Software available:
Robotics-3, Diplomat-3, Admin-3, Advocate-3, Broker-3.

Neural Comm. (TL15; Multidata & Comp/2 running Agent-2)

1,331 McrImp in shares of BMC, Inc., bullion, & various financial instruments.

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