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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gen. Engineer, Crewman droid Gort THX1331, "M.S. Laburnum Varabile"

Gort THX1331-0007, shown here with owner, Cassandra.

Gort THX1331-0007
     Semi-Pseudo-biological configured, android
     Coherent Plasteel Construct on BSD frame w/human male enhancements.
     Synaptic processor with full A.I.
     Hardware implemented Robotics Laws.
     Intelligence-12, Education-12
     Level 3 Skill
          Expert Skill-4 [Instruction-4/Steward-SavoirFaire-4 (when Cassandra has needs to be met)]
          Expert Skill-3 [Sensors-3/Engineering-3 (all per swap)]
          Expert Skill-3 [Computers-3]
          Expert Skill-3 [Electronics-2]
          Expert Skill-2 [Physics-2]
          Expert Skill-2 [Mathematics-2]
          Expert Skill-2 [Philosophy-2/Sensors-2 (when swapping to engineering app)]

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