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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Gunner #6, Crewman shevek QueeQueg, "M.S. Laburnum Varabile"

Image below is an approximation since it is against Queequeg's religion to be photographed, scanned, or in any way be graphically reproduced:

Queequeg grew up around the Pacific Rim of Earth (Terra/Sol) and eventually signed up as a harpooner on an American whaling vessel in the 19th century (AD)[c.-2670 Third Imperial Reckoning]. After being washed overboard from the Pequod, he was "time-transported" into the 22nd century on Earth. During this chaotic period of Earth's history, he is rescued by the "Raft" where he encounters Raven of Amchitka and learns even more deadly skill with the harpoon. When the "Raft" breaks up, he flees in a catamaran and sails around the world subsisting on sea life and trading skins on the black market. When he reaches the Atlantic ocean, he is lost in the Bermuda Triangle and reappears on Imperial Earth in the 57th century.

Taken as just another primitive war-refugee survivor of the conquering of Earth, he is granted alien work status and he immediately signs on with free traders heading away from Earth. He is seeking enlightenment through his religion and is very open minded about high technology (viewing it as magic). He will be interested in any leads about time-travel research; he has a vague idea about returning to his time on Earth. If he finds as beautiful planet as Earth, he may settle down, especially if the planet in question is not overly settled and has edible sea-life.

Queequeg is reasonably intelligent and has had no problem learning how to be an excellent starship gunner. Infiltration is his specialty.


ACA942 Age: 28 (44)

Barbarian-4t (starting at age 12)

Ancient Artifact

Gun Cbt-1
Unarmed Cbt.-2

Chip Implant [TL16 Wafer Jack Computer/7]
Intelligent Interface-1
and space for Level Three Skill (either of 4 options):
Beam Weapons-3
Gunnery (Beam)-3
Operations Package (Vacc. Suit-1/Zero-G-1/Mechanic-1/Electronics-1/Sensors-1/Intellect-1)

Neural Comm. (TL15; Multidata & Comp/2 running Agent-2)

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